10 Games you can play with Alphabet Flash Cards
By Sreeshma Dasan K

10 Games you can play with Alphabet Flash Cards

9. Writing in the Sand

For this activity, you need some sand. You can also use salt or sugar. Pour it in a small tray. You can shuffle the alphabet flash cards, and place them face down on the table. 

Encourage your child to flip over a card and write that letter in the sand using their finger or a stick to use as a writing tool. Erase the letter and draw another one!  

10. Bean Bag Toss

For this activity, tape letters to assorted containers. Encourage your child to toss a bean bag into one of the buckets. If they make it, ask them to collect the card. Ask them the letter on the bucket and if they are correct, they earn to get a point!

You can begin with the letters that your child knows well or you can mix the letters. You can introduce more letters to give them exposure to more letters.

So, these are some of the best games you can practice with your kids.

So try these fun learning games with the ‘Alphabets Flash Cards’ and render your kids, an amazing learning experience.

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